Vert 1 Brushless Motors—Vertical Take Off/Landing RC Plane



  • World’s best flying plane in its class
  • Ages 14+
  • Vertical take-off & landing
  • Brushless motors
  • Auto hover

Product description

Take off and land vertically, switch seamlessly to horizontal flight. Vtol or Vertical takeoff and landing capability enables the Vert 1 to take off and land just like a rocket! Its built-in gyro and on-board altitude sensor with auto launch, hover, and land functionality make it easy to fly. Switch from vertical to horizontal flight with just the touch of a button. 3D stunt flight mode allows pilots to perform rolls and more. The Ultra reliable 2. 4 gig transmitter supplies clear, wide area reception and sports an LCD screen providing feedback of battery levels, trim indicators, and more. Vert 1 is lightweight enough to be crash-resistant and yet packs a powerful punch.