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At Aerogliders, we offer many different types of drones. From aerial drones with cameras to record all of your adventures, to underwater drones for sea exploration, racing drones to win that big competition and for your young learner, we offer STEM DIY building kits!  Apart from that, we specialize in a wide range of drone accessories such as batteries, blade kits, cases, controllers and more.

We understand that choosing a drone that perfectly meets your needs can sometimes be challenging, especially if you have never purchased a drone before. To make your work a little bit easy, we break down the different types of drones that we have in our stock with the hopes that the information will help you decide if you want an aerial drone or a racing drone or even a water drone. We hope that this will help you pick a drone that will benefit you the most, from us. So, here are the various categories under which our drones fall:

1. RC Drones

These are standard drones designed to be flown just for recreational purposes as opposed to any other. Here is where you will find simple units with the most basic features and sophisticated units with the most advanced features you can ever imagine. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this category might have something that’s of interest to you.

2. Racing Drones

The drones we have under this special category are suitable for those who are looking for a unit they can use for drone racing, which is a huge hobby and sport for many people. Nevertheless, our racing drones feature more concise layouts, which ensure decreased weights and improved flight performance. Here, we have plenty of options to choose from.

3. Aerial Data Collection and Recording Drones

Our aerial data collection and/or recording drones can be used for a wide variety of purposes. These include aerial data collection, taking pictures, recording movies and capturing events for journalistic purposes. It goes without saying that the drones under this category are what’s suitable for professional drone users.

4. Water Drones

We have plenty of water drones to choose from, depending on your desired design. Some units have rotors, hence they can be used for aerial purposes as well, whereas others lack rotors, even though they still work great. Equipped with high definition cameras and powerful headlights, the drones falling under this unique category are suitable for fishing, diving and conducting a wide range of underwater missions.

5. Drones for Beginners

Under this category, we have drones that are designed for beginners. Each unit is built with buyers who have never flown a drone before in mind. Buying one of these units can be a great way to kick start your drone hobby.

6. Drones for Experts

With numerous options to choose from, this category has units that are designed for experts as opposed to beginners. Here is where you will find drones with some of the most advanced features only experts can understand and operate best. Having said that, it’s advisable to consider something from this category if you have been flying drones for many years as opposed to just a few weeks or months.

Final Thoughts

With an extensive range of drones on sale at Aerogliders, it can prove to be very challenging, choosing something that’s best suitable for you. But with this information, you are better able to make the right choice as far as selecting the most suitable drone on our website goes. Do not forget that we also sell a wide variety of drone accessories from batteries and blade kits to cases and controllers, to drone decals and landing gear to VR goggles and more. Good luck with shopping.